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Its better to see and print map of KLIA Airport. Its easy to find your destination. So keep your important map of Airport KLIA.

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View KL Sentral and KLIA airport map in a larger map


KLIA airport and KL Sentral Map

Above map shows KLIA airport map and Kuala Lumpur Sentral map. You can view larger map and the detail of all icons, zoom in and zoom out. We can see that the distance between KLIA airport and KL Sentral is about 75km. So, Its better for you to print out your destination map because any place with address as Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA will be any place in that range.


KLIA express and transit map

Get the detail of KLIA Express map and KLIA Transit map. You may confuse with the train and color of their logo because they are almost same.


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KLIA Terminal map

This map will help you to find some of the important place inside KLIA airport terminal such as taxi station, arrival hall, bus station, train station, shops etc. provides map of Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA. Further suggestion, comment and advertising can be made through email to